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on the door of his unit. >>> an elderly woman died in a house fire today in oakland. firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. to find flames coming from a home. the woman wag the only person inside the house. firefighters say the fire began in one of the bedrooms. the cause is still under investigation. >>> a tesla motors job fair was so popular that the company ended it early because of safety concerns. a spokeswoman tells abc7 news tesla ended early because of traffic congestion and building capacity concerns. cars backed up on to 880 this morning, causing traffic jams. the company says it interviewed hundreds of people before closing at 10:00. the job fair was supposed to wrap up just a few minutes ago. >> i thought maybe i'll have time so i came a little late. look now it is 10:00. >> i heard that people were getting turned away. that they had friends behind them and they were trying to get them in but they weren't let nothing more in. >> this crowding happened despite the fact that people had to get a ticket before the event and only people with tickets were allowed in. >>> mew details
. >> kimberly, thanks very much. >>> an oakland woman has been killed in a house fire. fire started this morning at a home on parker avenue just south of mills college. firefighters say they found the woman inside. she died at the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but the firefighters say it does not look suspicious. >> we had two rooms fully engulfed. we had four engines. one truck. one battalion chief respond. engines pretty much went in, performed a quick aggressive fire attack. >> firefighters say that fire caused about $150,000 in damage. >>> two homes burned in palo alto today, but several people and their pets were able to get out. firefighters got the call about noon. the fire on brian street quickly went to three alarms. fire officials say one of the homes burned to the ground. a daughter and friend were inside when that fire started but got out safely. an elderly woman and her two dogs were rescued from the sec home. the cause is under investigation. >>> the warriors season coming down to just one game. in less than two hours they'll be facing off against the los an
and in a regional way and in oakland and another $0100 million a quarter of a billion dollars our children have to be healthy a remarkable general rot of spirit and everything and the salesforce tower as a job creation and the rest. so maria i want to pay contribute to you right around the salesforce tower it was around the time 16 years ago how much did we get? $10 million i was able to get $10 million for the planning and the idea of the transbay terminal and all of this. now you have to understand anytime i try to get this kind of money that's small now but you have to should consequence in the community it will promote customers and allow for the affordable housing and be a dynamic force in the community. that's the faith of that congress had in this initiative now fast forward to obama and the reinvestment recovery act one hundred of million dollars of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars to be a reality this is the ultimate private and public partnership without the private sector there's no way to build this if we invest this money but it will not only build that but community and aga
not build a new stadium for them at that particular time, the reason why they moved to oakland, but i'm glad to see them come back home, even though i may not be able to afford a ticket to see a game. i would like two things for this commission to do and for the warriors to do. try to make it possible for some of these grammar schools and junior high schools and high schools to participate in maybe a free day for them to go to a warrior's game. because that may be the only opportunity that they will have for go to a warriors' game. i think any program, project that comes into our city, where young people from these schools can benefit from going to at least to one game or one visit at a museum or anything, we should look to make those possibilities a reality for them. the other thing that i wanted to say about the warriors or anybody else coming into mission bay. before it was any housing down there that was a redevelopment -- that was model cities area and always a part of bayview-hunters point and potrero hill and we were affected by that and with the new development coming in, i don't kn
, including oakland and seven other counties surrounding the east bay, they are presently at a much lower minimum wage. they are at the state wage and they are talking about raising their minimum wage to $10 $12 maybe higher, but to the extent that we continue to have a self-inflicted higher minimum wage here in the city, we will encourage people to come in and it happens today. i mean you can go to the acre cafe and meet several of their employees who say i come across the bridge everyday because i get paid a few extra dollars and don't have to work weekends and to the extent that they make a little more that compensates for their increase in transportation costs, they will take advantage of that opportunity. so we could see a situation where we see increased flight of the very people that we are trying to help and, in fact, they commuting into the city and those wages exit the city because you will spend that money where you are raising your families and putting your kids through school outside of the city and county of san francisco. >> that is my concern. >> commissioner dooley. >>
of oakland this morning, a woman has died in a house fire. firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. to find flames coming from the house on parker avenue. the woman was the only person inside the four-bedroom home. >> while fighting the fire, firefighters found a victim. an elderly woman, they brought her out, performed cpr, to try to revive her. she was pronounced at the scene. >> the battalion chief also tells us the fire began in one of the bedrooms. but that the cause itself is under investigation it took firefighters less than a half-hour to get the flames under control. >>> this morning, a woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal is telling her side of the story. v. stiviano talked to abc's barbara walters and says the man now banned for life from the nba is not a racist. abc news reporter mary bruce has details. >> for a week she's been seen and not heard. now the woman at the center of the los angeles clippers controversy, v. stiviano, is speaking exclusively with abc news's barbara walters. >> miss stiviano, you just left donald sterling, what is his state of mind right n
, then a helicopter took the toddler to children's hospital oakland. there's no word yet on the child's condition. >>> an elderly woman died early this morning in a house fire in oakland. the fire was reported shortly before 3:00 a.m. on the 2500 block of parker avenue. the woman who lived there alone was pulled out and pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> new this morning, a boy who stowed away on a jet from california to hawaii has left hawaii, but it's not clear how he left or where he went. 15-year-old yaya abdi has been in honolulu hospital recovering. he withstood the april flight inside the plane's wheel well at 35,000 feet despite freezing cold and a lack of oxygen. it was a 5 1/2-hour flight. we're now learning officials would not allow the boy's father to see him and a relative says it's not clear if the father would be eventually allowed to bring his son home. the teen's stunt exposed big security holes at san jose airport when no one noticed him climbing over a perimeter fence. congressman eric stuwell toured yesterday and suggested technol
both major nbi nba start to ship with the restriction >> : from oakland of woman has died in a one alarm house fire the fire started overnight and 2500 block of parker avenue firefighters pulled a woman on the burning house but she was pronounced dead at the scene, the fire at remains under investigation. >> : and for food that is what they describe for millions pounds of us of meat from slaughterhouse trip so the employees at rancho feeding corp. in petaluma named many processed and distributed with the disease beef. seven reports as the official this year's believe that the there by intense risk because of processing them when gov. inspectors were not around here was the cows slaughtered cnn reported that the place where the bees these parts and use of phony stamp of approval. airline usda said not to inactivity and planted in march 1st person was told we had the destroyed or hundred thousand pounds. >> : we also learned the majority of cattle process rancho was drawn up into hamburger meat and sold to attract a box pre fast-food chain was one of the largest customers. so far no
of the 80o's. 55 degrees in walnut creek, 55 oakland. one of the cooler spots in nevado. along the coast under clouds and patchy fog, half moon bay 54 outside your door. here is a look at the afternoon highs, upper 50s along pacifica. upper 60's for areas along the east bayshore line. in to the inland communities take a look at that. ten to 12 degrees of cooling in areas like livermore, morgan hill, antioch. you are only going to 76. today not the biggest drop. we will be cooler for tomorrow a look at the extended forecast coming up. >> we have developing news this morning in the case of the teen stowaw who flew to hawaii a spokesperson said that the 15- year-old boy is no longer there. she didn't say how or when he left or who he traveled with. the boy's father arrived in hawaii on monday and had planned to bring his son home to santa clara but yesterday the mercury news reported that hawaii social service agency officials wouldn't let him see his son though it was uncleary. the fbi said he was trying to get to somalia. >> a deadly fire in oakland is under investigation and started ju
are together. >>> just in to our newsroom oakland fire officials say an elderly woman died in a one-alarm fire at her home this morning. firefighters say when they arrived at the house on the 2500 block of parker avenue just before 3:00 this morning, the home was engulfed in flames. the blaze was under control in about 15 minutes. but when crews went in to check for survivors, they found an elderly woman who was pronounced dead at the scene. she was the only person in the home. the cause of that fire is under investigation. >>> san jose police want to take the fight out of the fiesta. the pd is increasing patrols ahead of cinco de mayo trying to squash the violence that sometimes mars the celebration downtown. san jose police are already increasing patrols of the downtown area and the santa clara sheriff's department gang task force is out on patrol. sources tell nbc bay area that certain deputies will look for parole violators and probation violators who are targeted as possible trouble makers. this is all in response to previous cinco de mayo celebrations in the area that have given way to v
space in oakland and have 10,000 plus in petaluma for storage so we are shuttling trucks and wildly inefficient for us. the people that we serve live and work here. the people that work in the company live and work here as well. i am fortunate to have jesus come with me. he's my oldest employee. he's the smallest but the strongest in our workshop as well, but we feel like we're making the picks and shovels for the gold rush really. there is another wave. i here with the first wave and that crashed but i feel this is stronger. development happening in the city seems to be long standing type of development. we are serving lift, 350 work stations literally across the street from us, drop box, sound cloud, some of the tech companies and all need furniture to live with as well so there say residential side as well. thank you for having us. we hope this legislation passes. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi good afternoon. i am jesus and i work for ohio. i have been there for 12 years and live my life in the mission, and i am just happy to have a job where i get to bike and be
of it. i was also in l.a. at the huntington, at the san francisco public library, the oakland public library, but i was mostly in bly. yeah. -- berkeley. yeah. any other questions if -- any other questions? all right. well, thank you so much for having me. [applause] and i'll be here signing books, so if you want your book signed, i'll be right here. thank you for coming. [inaudible conversations] >> for more information, visit the author's web site, >> and the biggest challenge especially in the house where, obviously, where redistricting is where -- that's where it occurs, in the house the biggest challenge that a republican is going to face is from in a primary from somebody more conservative than he or she is. and almost every district that's the case. so that's what they're worried about. they're worried about being challenged from the right. so what -- how is it in their political interests to reach across and make tough compromises? i mean, i think we've gotten the system that we designed, you know, as a country. and that -- when we created the -- in fact, i'm
and bring him back home. >> also right now breaking news out of oakland this morning where a house fire has claim the life of a woman. firefighters arrived just before 3:00 a.m. to find a house on parker avenue in flames. the woman was the only person inside the four-bedroom home. it took firefighters less than a half-hour to get the flames under control. damage is estimated at $150,000. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal is telling her side of the story. v. stiviano talked to barbara walters. she said the man who is band from the nba for life is not a racist. >> for a week she's been seen and not heard. now the woman at the center of the los angeles clippers controversy, v. stiviano, is speaking exclusively with apc news barbara walter. >> ms. stiviano, you just left donald sterling. what is his state of mind right now? >> confused. i think he feels very alone. >> you do not consider him a racist? >> no. >> do you think he should apologize? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will apologize. >> only god knows. >> the
. it will be a cooler day for everyone. upper 60s oakland, berkeley, 67 inland and low to mid-70s. a cooler weekend. i'll tell you the coolest day this weekend and what the upcoming work week looks like, including cinco demayo coming up. >> thank you, lisa. in developing news, abc7 news was the first to break this news on twitter. the santa clara teenage stow away that survived the flight to hawaii in the wheel well of a jet is no longer in hawaii. this is according to an official sent by hawaii department human services. they did not say where the teen was going or who he might be with, only that he is safe. we do know he is not with his dad. our media partner reports hawaiian officials have denied the father's request to see his son and bring him back home. >>> the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal is talking this morning. she opened up to barbara walters and clarified her relationship with the man who is now band from the nba for life. we have the details. >> for weeks she's been seen and not heard. now the woman at the center of the los angeles clippers controversy, v. stiviano, i
to sell the bike. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >>> in downtown san jose, a cadillac slammed into a light pole on north first street and tasman drive tonight nearly slicing the vehicle in half. a woman was killed, another seriously injured. >>> small army of law enforcement officers busted some massage parlors today. its the typical story, the signs say massage, but there was a lot more than just back rubs going on inside. 400 agents, deputies, police officers, raiding 13 places today. it was tipped from the public that led to the sting. >> the community came to the alameda county sheriff's department to complain about seven separate businesses in the unincorporated part of this county. and the community complaint was that these businesses were really fronts for houses of prostitution. >> a total of 18 people arrested in the bust. >>> tsa agents noticed something odd when screening three pieced of checked luggage. they opened the bags and found this. pot. 81 pounds in all worth 100 grand. a 26-year-old woman hod checked the bags in for a flight to mississippi. tonight, instea
-old child to children's hospital oakland. firefighters say the child has head injuries, though should survive. >>> it looks like an ordinary moving truck, but tonight it is one of the most controversial vehicles in the bay area. it is called hookup the hookup truck. a place for adults to hookup. abc7 news reporter in the mission district with details of the truck's debut. sergio? >> that's it right there. it doesn't look like a whole lot from the outside, but the creator of the hookup truck says it is a safe place for adults who may have met the right person at the moment but may not have a place to meet that person exactly. for $75 hor half hour the space inside can be rented out, but not everyone is rolling out the red carpet for this project. at its first ever stop, the hookup truck was not allowed anywhere near oakland's first friday street event. >> they said oh no, you are the hookup truck. we are told you are not allowed to come in here. >> organizers said they never received an application. >> we were full long before the hookup truck came. they couldn't come because other peo
. >> in oakland, richard lee runs his cannabis college, called oaksterdam university. here, students learn the best techniques for growing and selling marijuana. >> if you're growing in a space this size or even double this size, you're not gonna need more than two lights. >> california may be pushing the boundaries, but some, like senator dianne feinstein, are saying, "enough." >> the last thing we need to do is make it easier for drug dealers to increase their consumer base by pushing pot on young people. >> in the end, prop 19 went up in smoke. it failed by a 9% margin. is this gonna end the chances of legalization of pot in california? >> no. i think the fact that we got the debate started and, you know, got people thinking about it seriously will help us win in 2012. >> the quest to legalize pot may have stalled, but the effort to legitimize it has not. when we come back, a look at marijuana's extreme makeover. >> what you're watching before your eyes in the united states is an industry emerging out of the shadows. >> that's next, in the the shadows. >> that's next, in the conclusion
people escaped a burning house in oakland t happened near 55th and bangcroft avenue a passerby said she heard two exmotions and saw people jumping out of windows. the owner told investigators the contractor was allowing people to live there. no word from the oakland fire department on a cause. >> >> a former police officer accused or stealing prescription drugs from people was sentenced to jail. police say he used his position as a police officer to enter the homes of seniors and steal the popular drug. he apologized to the court and victims. hess attorney said he suffers from addiction and ptsd. >> the mom has just been at every event, every community meeting. a part of everything we do at the school. >> neighbors say her husband plans to move. police have not revealed a motive. >> authorities are working late into the night after executing what is being called one of of the largest busts of a prostitution ring in the bay area. tonight 18 of the 19 targeted suspects have been arrested. ktvu went along with one strike team that targeted a spa. >> reporter: the massive take down operatio
. police arresting a woman at the oakland airport after she checked three suitcases filled to the brim with marijuana. tsa agents found it during a routine inspection. nbc bay area's dean elliott live at the airport. she really didn't conceal it all that well. >> well, jess karks this 26-year-old woman came here to the airport and simply checked three bags full of marijuana for her flight to mississippi. while she sat in boarding, tsa agents smelled something suspicious. every checked bag on the conveyor belt at the oakland airport gets screened for explosives by the tsa. some are opened and searched by hand. this morning, agents opened these bags and found them packed full of pot. the tsa called the alameda county sheriff's department. >> our deputies came across several bags filled with marijuana. we looked further into it. totalled it all up and it was about 81 pounds. >> it was a random search that uncovered three suitcases of vacuum packed bricks of marijuana. the sergeant ray riley says agents probably smelled something suspicious. >> as most people may know, it's not hard to sme
, y 32 ordenes de cateo... 13 salas de masajes estan cerradas en las ciudades de oakland, san leandro, san lorenzo y hayward. vo cinco operaciones criminales fueron encontradas gracias a la investigacion. las autoridades arrestaron a los 18 sospechosos que eran el blanco del operativo y 19 mas han sido acusadas de delitos graves y delitos menores, incluyendo redes de prostitucion, evasion de impuestos y violacion al codigo de empleados. las autoridades han congelado varias cuentas bancarias y han decomisado dinero y varios vehiculos. vo una situacion que preocupa inmensamente a los residentes del area... sot sot vo de acuerdo a las autoridades, el aumento de establecimientos que aseguran ser salas de masaje pero tienen otro negocio escondido... se esta convirtiendo en un problema para los vecindarios. katherine live el juicio en contra de los presuntos culpables empezara el 6 de mayo en la corte de oakland. aun esta por determinarse si los acusados enfrentaran mas cargos. en vivo, katherine orozco, noticiero telemundo 48. cesar muchas gracias katherine por la informacion cesar --tiemp
and encouraged thinking of taking sports teams from oakland. now the warriors were once here, but they have been in oakland for a long time. i know that oakland is kind of considered some sort of second class area or secondary and not very important city for some reason or other. obviously it's a very vibrant place and serves its own community in ways that i guess we don't. but i am very concerned about the latest proposal of let's recruit the raiders over here. i note that historically the raiders former owner al davis did a lot to jerk oakland around and caused taxpayer dollars to keep the team there and according to the papers what i didn't hear from commissioner antonini, the papers reported should this all happen and the raiders were brought over here, i think the net debt to the people of oakland would be $172 million. i would just caution san francisco's public officials to be careful about encouraging something which is going to maybe benefit the private owners of a sports franchise and whatever contractors get benefit here. it's going to cause the people of oakland to spend a fortune o
brothel out of massage parlor and foot spa in the city of oakland, san leandro, hayward. officers serving warrants today pd found husbands of thoses of dollars in cash and illegal marijuana grow. suspects face more than 100 felony. >> this type of illicit behavior is not acceptable in our community. that we will investigate, arrest and prosecution offender who engage in not only this type of activity but in activity that involves human trafficking t-sex trafficking, labor trafficking and other forms of exploit i have behavior. >> da says suspects will have to prove their bail money was earned legally. some expected in court on tuesday. more to bring you on 7 news at 9:00. up next. city of san francisco has been successful this year in holding down its homicide rate. biggest drop on record in fact. >> also drone in yosemite? the park is telling visitors who want to bring theirs. sandhya has the weekend wichblingts it is a downward spiral in terms of temperatures we already started to see the cooling today. back with detailed look at what you will be facing as you head outside this w
, but you know, i think that from history, we realize that if you build it, they will come. oakland is a case in point. when oakland built the alameda county council in 1986 they had the raiders and because it was there they attracts the athletics and warriors and for years we not only lost the warriors, but concerts for the lack of facility. so before we rush to demolish candlestick park and not put a replacement, i think we have to take a close look at what the possibilitis are and certainly seems to be a lot of interest for paul mccartney's concert at candlestick park and a market for the facility that holds 60,000 plus people for the larger concerts. so certainly food for thought. the final thing is report in the paper today that population estimate by the state, san francisco now has 636,000, so we had a nice growth last year in numbers. and our population grew in excess to what would feel would be the case with new units built, but we still built over 2,000 new units and i'm not sure what number that they quoted, but the bad part is that only a small percentage were single-
. airline the parlors in oakland and hayward san leandro and san lorenzo. many have been open for years all of them should down with warnings signs in the windows. the d.a. says over 400 local state and federal agencies served 42 search warrants on friday morning across the bay area after extensive investigation. tremendous amount of surveillance looking at patterns of business looking at how much time people spend on cnn and then undercover operations. >> : 18 people now under arrest majority of them female. total of 111 criminal charges for all defendants including pimping and pandering tax evasion and labour code violation. to these establishments that clemson the softballers arnelle spots are set his boss had become an ever increasing problem in on a county along with our surrounding counties. the eight note revealing 51 or two or four for stored at the establishment so far they do not face any charges. they're sending a strong message that this type of all illicit behavior is not acceptable and our community. and we will investigate the arrest and prosecute offenders. defendants will b
luggage in oakland international. the drugs weren't that hard to find. >> reporter: it's not uncommon for people to try to smuggle drugs through the airport or even the mail. it was obvious. >> it's going to give off an odor. you don't have to be a genius to figure out there was marijuana. >> reporter: he says what everyone is thinking. sceners intercepted three suitcases packed with 81 pounds of drugs. >> the bags were opened to check for explosives. >> reporter: they called the sheriff's office which has jurisdiction at the airport. >> we don't have detention authority. >> reporter: deputy said caught up with the 26-year-old woman involved. investigators say marijuana is not as abund nlt in mississippi. she faces charges. >> we believe it was exported for profit. >> reporter: in california it has a streetival yeah to $100,000. in mississippiy for a half million. if they do uncover something that is potentially illegal they are required to contact local law enforcement. >>> new developments tonight at a mixed vurt in san jose over somewhat phone technology over apple and samsung. the
to cruise streets of oakland right in time for one of the city's most-popular street festivals nick smith is live in oakland with more on the story. nick? it's an interesting concept with a great, catchy name. >> it's designed by a concept twal artist. it's called the hook up truck. it's first stop is scheduled to be here in oakland. a sex truck is not the issue we ought to be debating. >> as a senior pastor in oakland the doctor knows in order to reach the young, he must move with the times. but a truck designed for casual sex is unacceptable. a sex truck does not seem to me we're concerned about love but making a venue available for people with sex with no commitment. >> a performance artist is behind the hook up truck, describing it as a modern dating solution for save sex adventuring the truck designed to allow people to engage in hook ups while the truck is parked on the street. >> fer heirs stop is scheduled to be at oak loned first friday event. which came as news to the event coordinator. >> all of our participants need to apply. we have an online application process. that sex tru
gearing up to cruise streets of oakland right in time for one of the city's most-popular street festivals nick smith is live in oakland with more on the story. nick? it's an interesting concept with a great, catchy name. >> it's designed by a concept twal artist. it's called the hook up truck. it's first stop is scheduled to be here in oakland. a sex truck is not the issue we ought to be debating. >> as a senior pastor in oakland the doctor knows in order to reach the young, he must move with the times. but a truck designed for casual sex is unacceptable. a sex truck does not seem to me we're concerned about love but making a venue available for people with sex with no commitment. >> a performance artist is behind the hook up truck, describing it as a modern dating solution for save sex adventuring the truck designed to allow people to engage in hook ups while the truck is parked on the street. >> fer heirs stop is scheduled to be at oak loned first friday event. which came as news to the event coordinator. >> all of our participants need to apply. we have an online application process. t
in the bay area. san jose at $4.24. the cheapest is oakland at $4.23. right now the average price is $4.26. >> there's a new business in the bay area operating out of a truck raising some eyebrows. it's called the hook-up truck. it's designed to offer a people a place to have sex. it was unveiled today. it's parked at an oakland art warehouse. later it's headed to the mission district. the creators say customers don't have to hook up to enjoy the project. it's not what the fee is to enjoy time inside of this truck. >>> they thought of everything in santa clara has an interesting feature. the 49er fans can use it to hold beverages or use it to keep your purse or other belongings off the ground. it's the first time they've received a request like this one. >> perfect your purse. >> i don't like putting my purse on the ground. >> translator: let's go to jeff rap ree, our chief meteorologist in liver more. beautiful night for pizza and chardonnay. >> reporter: yes. i'm waiting to taste that. i'm still on the clock now. a lot of people coming to downtown liver more right now. kind of the pre
normal. livermore 88, concord 86, san jose 84, redwood city, 83. oakland 76, and san francisco, 66 for a high today. weekend events, we have the cinco demayo festival saturday. we'll have temperatures in the mid 60s. the wind direction has changed, the ridge of high pressure with the clockwise flow around it moved to the south, so the same ridge that gave us the heat is now cooling us down. low pressure is now off the coast and will keep the rain to the north and enhance the onshore flow. as we go through the weekend, the flow picks up and temperatures will drop further. highs tomorrow, napa 72, san jose 72, and the big drop is away from the water. and oakland, 69 degrees, with sunshine, not as warm because of the onshore flow. the seven day forecast, cooler on sunday, and as you head to next week, cooler on monday and tuesday. wednesday, thursday, and friday, the onshore flow, and temperatures do climb back to 80 away from the water. what a great vantage point, you can see san francisco. speaking of boats, that's a huge barge passing by here right between oakland and alameda. it i
en la bahia con un promedio de 4 dolares y 33 centavos por galon y oakland el mas bajo con 4 dolares 23 centavos el galon. cesar ---en san jose una casa abandonada se incendio esta maÑana al sur de la calle bascom y la avenida curtner take map cerca a la ciudad de campbell... take vo ---la casa resulto con daÑos en el techo y las autoridades ahora investigan que fue lo que provoco el siniestro. cesar ---tiempo de la primera pausa , pero mas adelante... sot --- wait for cue cesar ---le roban su carro, y aparte tienen que pagar cientos de dlares para recuperarlo.. son personas, regularmente de bajos recursos, que se sienten vctimas dos veces. take vo cesar ---enterese que ciudad de la peninsula anuncia aumentos a sus tarifas por el servicio del agua... take sot --- javier castro cesar ---el robo de vehculos se ha disparado en san jos.. y nuestra redaccin recibi varias quejas de personas que se sienten vctimas 2 veces.. ---quiz usted no saba, pero recuperar su carro robado puede costarle cientos de dolares en cuotas de grua, corraln y otros.. roll open under ---jaime peluffo nos acomp
berkeley. they say that the school should admit more minority students like anya ku, a latina, oakland technical high school graduate with a 3.7 gpa, high atc scores and several elected leadership positions. >> there are more latinos like me qualified to intend the university, then why not have an accurate reflection. >> today's protests come after last week's supreme court decision upholding statewide bans on affirmative action. >>> a bay area congressman toured the perimeter of the airport today to be sure it meets all federal security standards, but the incident of the stow-away has raised questions whether it's enough. the congressman wants to see what technologies can be used to beef up security along airport perimeters such as radar, motion detectors and surveillance cameras. the 15-year-old stow-away snuck onto the tarmac hours before that hawaii bound plane took off. he wasn't discovered until the plane landed in maui. the boy survived extreme temperatures and subfreezing altitudes. he was trying to see his birth mother who lives in a refugee camp in ethiopia. >>> the chp sloth
as 3:00 in the morning for a chance to get free medical care in san francisco and oakland. ucsf going to offer free dental screenings in the city. free screenings help promote good dental health this, morning it will be offered to children and adults in the bay view neighborhood. also free dental education and referrals. most can't afford it but the school of dentistry as a sliding scale based on income. >> the dental school provides a range of services for all economic levels at a tremendously discounted rate compared with what you'd get out in the regular dental community. >> and medical began offering insurance again to poor adults. >> more services will improve oral health. >> according to a report many low income children in santa clara have dental insurance due to childrens health initiative but the report says that not enough. children and parents have to understand how to prevent tooth decay ask have access to dentists. >> going to the dentist doesn't to be a punitive affair. >> the screening takes about five minutes. no appointment is >>> a boy kout of san francisco tourism i
, an unusual find during a routine screening at the oakland airport today. tsa agents discovered 81 pounds of marijuana in two checked bags. they say the bags belonged to a 26-year-old woman flying to jackson, mississippi. the alameda county sheriff's office confiscated the pot and arrested the passenger. >>> a follow-up on the stabbing death of a san jose mother. gabriel alejo is accused of the brutal killing, arrested wednesday, one day after teresa maravia was found dead. police say they knew her but didn't reveal the relationship. the woman was found dead in her apartment on jose figeures avenue. she was the mother of a newborn baby and twin girls. this is san jose's 13th homicide of the year, compared to four in san francisco, 29 in oakland. >>> hawaii authorities are trying to figure out how a bay area woman working at a zip line company fell to her death. patricia robelisa moved to maui months ago. these are facebook photos from her wall. she was working at p.e. hollow ranch zip line yesterday when she fell 150 feet. her death is resurrecting calls for regulation of the zip line ind
of oakland airport didn't get very far. tsa agents found three suitcases neatly packed full of pot during a baggage screening. 26-year-old anastasia murdoch was traveling from oakland to jackson, mississippi. she didn't say why she was trying to fly with so much pot. that stash worth $100,000, the cops think they know why she had it. she is in jail on charges of possessing marijuana for sale. >>> more security cameras are coming to san jose international in the wake of the breach of the teenager stowing away to him. i. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: congressman eric swalwell toured mineta san jose international today. he says there must be a cost- effective technological solution to the problem of airport perimeter security and wants the high-tech companies around here to work with the government to find out what that solution is. swalwell sits on the homeland security committee in congress. he caravaned around the fence line at mineta san jose today. he said the airport is in compliance with existing tsa security standards. the problem is, those standards aren't doing the job. >> our
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raid at an oakland business. throughout the day commanders found cash, drugs,womens and two marijuana grow houses in hayward and concord. >> nail or hair spas, the groat of these establishments has become an -- growth of these establishments has become an ever increasing problem in alameda and surrounding counties. >> reporter: the defendants are expected to appear in court tuesday and i've learned as many as 50 women ages 18 to 40 are being interviewed now. most of them worked at those places. at 6:00 i'll have more on our ride along as well as what one neighbor tells us about what he saw at one of the businesses. live from oakland jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now. you may not realize it, but human trafficking is estimated to be a $32 billion a year industry worldwide. for comparison the apps industry in this case, app stores run by google and apple, are expected to generate $25 billion this year worldwide. the california attorney general says california is one of the top four destinations for human traffickers in the united states. on her website kamala har
found 81 pounds of marijuana at oakland international airport this morning. tsa officials sent out photos and you can see the bags inside of two suitcases here the passengers identified as a 26-year-old woman was flying to jackson, mississippi via phoenix and dallas she's under arrest. the alameda county sheriff confiscated the pot. >> investigators say it's too early to tell what caused a fire in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood. it severely damaged three homes, injuring three people including a firefighter the blaze broke out just after 6:00 this morning. residents say it was chaos trying to escape the flames. >> ended up kicking out the back window. she's okay. she's okay. glad to be alive is it. i ain't worried about the other things. >> the fire chief says the fire spread quickly because a thin shared wall in this structure. neighbors think the fire may have started because of a burning cigarette or a faulty lamp. >> a pit bull mix that attacked a 3-year-old vallejo girl and sent her to the hospital will be euthanized. >> the incident ended when her father fought the do
. democratic representative barbara lee of oakland, california. welcome to you. republican representative andy harris of maryland. you're both in the "crossfire." i'm going to start with you. i cannot believe that the republicans even today are not willing to at least give this president some credit. ronald reagan in 1987 had 6.3% unemployment and you guys called him a hero. we got 6.3% unemployment today. how many airports are you going to name after president obama given his performance so far? >> well, considering the labor force participation rate is lowest in decades. honestly, isn't that what this is all about, how many people are actually participating in the labor force? look, you know, they tell me in the eye of a hurricane weather looks pretty good. that's what we're in. we had one piece of good news amidst all the bad news of this economy. low economic growth, 0.1% gdp growth. the only thing that was good about that i guess is because obamacare raised health care spending 9.9% in the first quarter. we bent the health care cost spending way up. >> this is going to be a very hot show.
in oakland in this week's addition of where is roberta. it occupies 19 miles of waterfront on the eastern shore at san francisco bay. it dischannels more than 99% of contained goods moving through northern california. >> how many client dos you have near the port of oakland? >> 43. >> how tall are these cranes? >> right now 130 feet above from the ground. and if you go all the way up to the top, we have at least more than 240 feet. >> about 75% of trade is with asia and europe. twenty-five% with other economies. now i get my chance to move the cargo. >> and. >> it's supposed to be doing that. it's coming up. >> what does this button do. >> there the operator booth to the top. once one of these ships come in here to dock and you have to upload it, do you unload a full ship in one day? >> yes, we can. >> in the view at the top. >> it's a beautiful day. >> i would like to thank the long shore union for letting me drive that crane frontwards and backwards. for all the support climbling 240 feet at the top. you want more information, visit us online at reporting. back
in santa rosa and 66 in oakland and 65 in san francisco, that is 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. >>> and for the inland areas it usually takes a day for them to feel that, today it is the cost and tomorrow will come for the inland communities. today your high in the 80s there, mid to upper 80s for our inland communities, even 90 degrees expected once again for brentwood, so still very warm, just not as hot, 80 degrees for those yards and 80 redwood city, and 70s for san francisco with cities struggling there, quite a difference from a week ago, they five-day-forecast with your weekend always in view, 80s and 70s and then we cool down next week. >> just like a roller coaster, sounds like spring. >> yes. >> thanks, rosemary. >>> thank you. >> a young rappeller did that today and stole their heart. we have that story after the break. >>> stocks turning lower in mixed trader investing as they showed a surprising surging hiring last month, more on that in a moment. and they also reflect tensions currently in the ukraine, they are up and down, well the u.s. jobless rate us at its lowe
, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we you are learning about the newest members of the falcon family in san jose. this video comes from the camera on city hall. a biologist discovered two are male and two are female, the way it is supposed to be. this shows how high the nest is with cry scrapers attracting falcons because they resemble pitch and pigeons provide them much to eat. >> prince william and prince harry are in memphis today. >> harry! harry! >> my goodness. very excited fans waited outside for the royals outside a tennessee restaurant. >> the brothers joined friends for a barbecue dinner in downtown memphis and though are in town for a friend's bodying and prince william took his wife as his date and prince harry recently split up with his girlfriend so he is going solo. but the ribs were good, i am sure. >> we know the heat wave is officially over, the fog and cooler weather is back. >> the weekend looks good. >> better to be outside. if you are going to be outside or have been all week you will like what is coming up. i will show you what happ
.24. and the cheapest is in oakland at $4.23. now, right now the average price in california, statewide, $4.26. >> all right. >>> well, today, a new album from michael jackson is available for download on itunes and other music sites. >> the first single is called "love never felt so good." it made its debut last night on the iheart radio awards right here on nbc. ♪ >> now, as you can see, usher was dancing on stage during the performance, because obviously mr. jackson is not going to be there. and the other one is justin timberlake that you're hearing. it's a duet. take a listen. ♪ love never felt so good >> now, why wasn't timberlake there? well, we checked his schedule. looks like he's on tour in europe right now, so he didn't debut the song himself, but had usher come in and dance to it. so if i'm ever not available, i'll just have usher come in. >> if only we could dance like usher. it's so amazing. makes you miss michael jackson, too, seeing that video. >>> the city of san jose, home to four peregrine falcon chicks. today we know the genders of the bird. >>> and take a look at this gusty gui
different so the cities that are measurably i tell same as we are and compare those rates. . >> oakland and san jose would be the agencies that we compare it to. the third item we're halfway through the third item is related to water and wastewater capacity charges. capacity charges are charges to customers that have new or increasing demands from the existing water or wastewater system we have a number of recommendations to streamline the process for these charges. the main thing we're proposing is to tie both the water and sewer charges to the water meter size. using updated plumbing codes into the water demand calculation all of this will make the calculation process a lot quicker and clearer and we're also proposing to collect all of the charges up front and if there's a change that happens in the building permitting process in terms of the plan we'll go back and adjust the fee and hopefully take the puc from being the last part, the tail end of the permitting process and we tend to get dinged for that. so i can appreciate this is a little small. look at the far right column yo
're not valued as americans. >> reporter: protests were remarkably peaceful in portland, oakland and san jose and zero arrests in los angeles. back to you. jon: william la jeunesse keeping an eye on that from the west coast. william, thank you. arthel: a man convicted of armed robbery is sentenced to prison in 2,000. because of a clerical error he never served his time. now the long arm of the law has caught up with him. he is sitting behind bars. is this fair? we're going to speak to his wife. that is coming up next. >>> plus a dramatic situation in the chicago river. a woman screaming for help from the water. the tense moments leading up to her rescue. >> coming down the bridge, three people started saying help this lady, help this lady. i can't believe this. there is really someone in the middle of the water. got on the bridge, there she is in the mid different water saying, help, help. we ran to this thing, to get the life tube. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and
the coast in san francisco, low to upper seventy richmond, oakland, low to mid-80s elsewhere, east bay valleys in the 90s. today is the last day, you drop nearly 15 degrees tomorrow. >> now, i heard amy call me gingerella. i'm going to do some dressing up, since i'm at disney. >> very nice. one more. i like that. >> that's so pretty. >> thanks, ginger. >> she will, again. she'll explain why she's there a little bit later. >>> coming up, the oscar pistorius trial set to resume. how the defense plans to move forward with the case. >>> also, dangerous joyride caught on camera by the driver. how police were tipped off. >> plus realtors gone wild. what the people you trust to sell your home may be doing behind your back. you will not believe it. wild. what the people you trust to sell your home may be doing behind your back. you won't believe it. d choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is somethin
't expect this early, we will track that. meanwhile, oakland and 580, 880, both slow down through oakland. clearing by the time they hit 24. still slow southbound from the dumbarton bridge. crawls towards mission boulevard. the earlier crash looks completely cleared. and just your standard friday. back to you. >> your standard friday. we'll be back with another local news update for you in about half an hour. have a great friday. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? "meow" or "woof"? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the all-new sleep number classic series. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. starting at just $699.99 for a queen mattress. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. find your sleep number setting only at a sleep number store. know better sleep with sleep number. >>> 8:30 now on this friday morning, second day of may, 2014. beautiful morning here. what a lovely crowd. and, you know
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